Daniel Hernandez, M.A., NASM Master Trainer

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, and Martial Arts Instructor. I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. As a result of a junk food diet and inadequate physical activity I began gaining weight at a young age. My father who was an avid weightlifter and fitness enthusiast, taught me how life changing diet and exercise can be. I quickly experienced the benefits and eagerly adopted a healthier lifestyle. My father opened my eyes to the powerful world of health and fitness and inspired me to do the same for others.

I believe in promoting a balanced body and lifestyle. I achieve this by emphasizing moderation, a clean diet full of nutritious whole foods, proper exercise technique that increases strength while promoting longevity, cross-training to create well rounded fitness and improve postural balance, and multi-joint-functional movements that maximize calorie expenditure while also improving the body's performance in sport and everyday life.

I attained a Bachelor’s of the Arts Degree in Communications from the University of San Antonio and a Master’s of the Arts Degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Houston. Thereafter, I pursued a career in Speech Pathology because I wanted to help people. Simultaneously, I continued to pursue my interest in fitness, earned my first personal training certification, and began training clients. I was immediately encouraged by the positive impact I could make in this profession and it did not take me long to discover that my true passion was fitness. Shortly after this realization, I opened up a fitness studio and mixed martial arts (MMA) gym in Austin, TX and have focused on a career in fitness ever since.

My experience ranges from working with individual clients to training group classes in large corporations such as Under Armour. I have experience training anyone from kids, to SWAT, to firefighters, to MMA fighters, to stay-at-home moms, to working professionals. I moved to Boulder, CO to pursue my personal training dreams in the "fittest city in the U.S.". I am eager to work hard for each and every one of my clients to help them achieve the results they deserve. Let me work hard for you and see how you can have a happier and healthier life.


  • Body transformation (lose fat/gain lean mass)
  • Weight loss
  • Ab/core conditioning
  • Sports performance
  • Boxing/Kickboxing
  • Boot camps


  • Health Coach - American Council on Exercise
  • Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Functional Movement Screening - Level 2
  • Group Fitness Instructor - American Council on Exercise
  • Fitness Nutrition Coach - National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
  • International Youth Conditioning Association - Level 1 Coach
  • Level 1 Shoot Wrestling Coach
  • Kenpo Karate Black Belt
  • Martial arts instructor
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Medalist

My Style

I am a supportive trainer and coach who fully invests in every one of my clients. I strive to be more than just a knowledgeable professional, but also a partner, guide, and friend. I utilize an encouraging and motivating tone to help my clients get life changing results through fun, dynamic, and customized workouts. Additionally, I help my clients navigate through the ever changing and confusing nutrition/fitness fads to decipher which work, which don’t, and which are just down right dangerous.

Let's Do This

You will never find the perfect time for health and fitness, you have to make the time! I am here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to set up an appointment!